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Come celebrate Hossa with us!

Hossa is Finland’s 40th national park and it is being founded to celebrate the 100 years of independence in Finland.

The opening ceremony of the national park will be full of art, nature and community. (also: Experience Hossa in the way you want to.) We gathered tips for our international guests to explore this national celebration outdoors. Step into the event market, hike a nature trail, rest at a campfire site. Enjoy a peaceful day!


Juhlakartta vol4


9-24, Nature Centre

Spot 100 individual characters in an ITE art exhibition. The Puuhippa exhibition has been created by a hundred children and adults from Kainuu. In the spring, three artists directed workshops where children and adults from Kainuu made wooden objects into a hundred individual human figures. Together, as is the Finland 100 theme. The work was inspired by the prehistoric cave paintings and old woodwork in Hossa.

9-24, Nature Centre

See the Hossa time lapse in the Nature Centre or online! The young time lapse artist Riku Karjalainen filmed the nature in Hossa for a year and created a beautiful, meditative nature video.

10-24, Öllörinranta

The great late President Urho Kaleva Kekkonen, known by all Finns, hailing from Kainuu, dreamt of a summer house and retirement in Hossa. President Kekkonen’s dream never came true, but set designer Markku Hernetkoski realised the dream in the shape of a snow sculpture. Today, you can enjoy the lake scenery alongside a melting Kekkonen.

10-16, Huosilampi area

Take the nature trail and run into yoga or artworks! The nature path (2 km) presents Hossa in miniature. Today, you can see dance legend Reijo Kela, photographers as well as performance artists along the path.

12:30-13:15, Huosilampi shore

Opening ceremony. The celebration culminates as the Finnish President and his wife cut the ribbon, the choir Mieskuoro Huutajat shouts at the national park, and jouhikko orchestra Pekko Käppi performs Finlandia by Jean Sibelius.

13:15-14:30 Event market main stage

The band Jaakko Laitinen & Väärä raha plays at the event market

The band is famous for being one of Finland’s wildest live acts. The band’s music is a unique mix of various ingredients marinated in different sauces, the main elements being Balkan Roma grooves, Russian romance, and old Finnish tango and humppa

13:30-15:30 Priest’s pine tree

The story of a tree. Under the Priest’s pine tree, cultural heritage expert Päivi Tervonen tells the extraordinary story of the tree: Under the great pie tree, people have gathered to see a priest, for example for weddings. Today, you can mee a bishop emeritus, a vicar and nature experts under the tree. You are welcome to discuss anything and everything under the sun! 

15-15:20, Hossanjärvi lake shoreline

Loggers return to Hossa! This is how they used to float logs out of forests. The traditional skill is not unlike stand up paddle boarding…

15:30-16:15 Event market main stage

Tuuletar concert: Tuuletar is grounded, connected, powerful and real.” – Jonathan Minkoff (RARB) Tuuletar (“Goddess of The Wind” in Finnish Mythology) is a vocal performance group, consisting of four diverse women from Finland. Tuuletar is inspired by styles from all around the world, everything from American hip hop to South Asian folk, all the while keeping their feet rooted firmly in the Finnish language and musical heritage.

14:30-14:45 Event market

Obedience show by the dogs of the Finnish Border Guard

14:45-15:00 Event market

Bear Sculpting demonstration by world champions Hannu Kyllönen and Esko Heikura

15:00-15:15 Huosiharju area

The choir Mieskuoro Huutajat shouts in the forest! The fifteen-minute mini concert is best enjoyed from the nature path about a hundred metres north-west from the priest’s pine.

10-16 Event helicopter

Bike&Chopper – try out mountain biking and see a Border Guard helicopter.

10-16 Huosilampi

Children’s day off. Explore the accessible services of the national park and bring your children to fish for valuable fish for free! Fishing society Kalakummit arrives at Huosilampi on Hossa opening day to help and guide eager young fishers all day long. Bring your own fishing gear if you can, but we also have fishing rods that you can borrow.

10-16 Nurmiselkä shore

Hossa afloat! Kayak fishing, stand up paddle boarding and canoeing


20:30-21:30 Huosilampi Hossa (200 m from the nature centre)

Fall in love with the midnight concert. Pekko Käppi & K.H.H.L.. This dark and moody jouhikko orchestra is known for their hypnotic rhythms. A mix of modern and ancient elements with Ugrian influences as well as hints of blues, punk and contemporary rock.

21-23:30, Start at the parking lot by the ponds, about 7 km off the nature centre.

Midnight mountain bike ride. The trail is about 13 km long and the ride takes about 2.5 hours. We’ll take a longer break at the Kokalmus lean-to where we’ll have crepes and coffee cooked over the fire. The trail is suitable for those with a little or some experience with mountain biking.

22:00 The nightless night mountain bike trail by the Värikallio summer night concert, leaving from the nature centre.

The trail is suitable for experienced mountain bikers. The trail contains all the elements of the Hossa terrain: great needle paths, demanding ridge climbs and technically challenging paths. There will be a person at the front and back guiding the group. There is also an option to stay the night at the Kokalmus lean-to; we will try to get another guide for the people staying the night.

Starts at the nature centre, at the mountain bike route starting point. The route will be 30 to 50 km long depending on the group’s wishes.

Starting at 22:00. Norwide Hossan Lomakeskus (Hossantie 278 A 89920 Ruhtinansalmi)

Dancing to Jaakko Laitinen & Väärä raha. The orchestra with a wild combination of Balkan Roma grooves and Finnish music gives an original and energetic live performance.

22:30-01 Hossan Lumo, Hossantie 278 B, 89920 Ruhtinansalmi

Midnight SUP – Nightless night stand up paddle board trip

24-01 Värikallio

Värikallio midnight concert: Jukka Takalon Kajakkiorkesteri, Värikallio Hossa (guided 3.5 km walk from the Lihapyörre parking area at 22:45)



Shared celebration lunch. Traditional pea soup flavoured with nettle, oregano and lovage. Both a meat and vegetarian option available. The meat dish comes with smoked reindeer.

The forest-inspired celebration lunch is provided by Metsähallitus and the Kainuu Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment.

10-16 In the middle of the event area, indicated on the map with the number 5.

At the event market, you get to taste flavours brought to you by local producers. There will be treats such as forest bull burgers made from local ingredients, cheese burgers made from Kyytö milk, Hossa reindeer soup, blazed salmon, sweet and savoury pastries from Kieppi café, and packed meals for campfire sites.

Kainuu à la Carte and Hossa Burger provide meals for the hungry by Seipiniemi. The Kainuu à la Carte spread (at 10-16) presents the ample food tradition of Kainuu in a festive manner. Hossa Burger (at 10-20) is a fast food restaurant for the whole family, located in the green embrace of the forest. In Seipiniemi, you can also have an idyllic coffee break surrounded by nature!


Suomen Latu – The Outdoor Association of Finland is challenging everyone to sleep outside on 17 June 2017. You can stay in a tent, tarp, lean-to or maybe under a spruce tree.

Karhunkainalo camping site, enquiries at the nature centre on opening day.

Spirit of Hossa forest hotel in Seipiniemi. There are large tents available for overnight stay as well as free spots for people bringing their own tents. Smoke sauna in the evening and breakfast in the morning, enquiries +358 (0) 50-5369476.

In addition, to participate in the Sleep the night outdoors campaign, you can stay the night in the national park area in the vicinity of the campfire sites and the lean-tos, and in the Jatkojärvi camping area.